high precision 10l rattan dustbin mold

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Dustbin Molds can be devided into household dustbin molds, and industrial garbage big mould. Sino Mould have made the dustbin molds from 10L to 360 L,the mold steel will be P20 ,the sliders will be DIN.12344.

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Cn-mold has developed dustbin moulds of different capacities and different styles for many countries, and accumulated a lot of experience. According to the different scope of use, it can be divided into household dustbins, industrial dustbins, etc.

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Our high precision injection molding machine adopted advanced Euro brand-KEBA 1000/2000 as our computer controller, can accurately control the location and temperature, except this, we use MOOG valve to control the injection system to make sure the injection pressure and weight in the precision status and the injector moved on the smooth rail to make sure the injector move in a level.

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Our company has made many plastic dustbin moulds in different volumes, such as 1L, 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L, 40L, 50L, 60L, 120L and so on. During bin product design and mould design, we will consider the material shrinkage, raw material melt flow index etc to choose the best injection gate size and position of trash bin moulds.

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China High quality Rattan Chair Plastic Injection . Professional Mold Design.Manufacture,Plastic Injection. 1.Professional Mold design (2D/3D): Multi cavity mold, Hot runner mold, Mirror mold, Transparent mold,Over mold & double color mold, Deep cavity mold, Air-assistant mold, etc. Detail about Mould Design: 1.

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Nice Design of Plastic Rattan Laundry Basket Mould From Heromould. The laundry basket is a very big parts, but we have a full range of CNC machining centers, large gantry milling machines, vertical milling machine, high precision CNC engraving machines, electric...

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4. Add about 10L of oil to the L-AN46 full loss system in the gearbox. (2) Lubrication of the moving parts The mold is hydraulically powered, and the direct-pressure liquid-filling device is adopted. The structure is simple, the action is reliable, and the lubrication point is small.

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Our plastic bucket mold processing cycle is 60 days. The cavity is made of long and high-quality 2738/718 / P20 high-quality mold steel. The core is made of domestic Shanghai / 718 / P20, which not only guarantees the quality of the mold, but also has a mold life of 500,000-1 million times.The molding cycle of the plastic bucket mold is.

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